Why businesses love eTailvalet

Our software gives you the ability to easily manage your supply chain and gives you a heads up on inventory levels to ensure everyday challenges never slow down your growth. 

Our pre-built integrations allow for orders to be automatically imported from your sales channels to us. This streamlines the process in the warehouse and lets us ship packages out quicker. 

Our highlights

that help your business grow 


Main location only miles from the Long Beach harbor, the Los Angeles International Airport, and Space X. 


Temperature-Controlled rooms allow you to store sensitive product and know it will remain perfect for your customers.  


Multiple warehouse locations across the country ensure that your products get to your customers as fast as possible. 


Our software creates a streamlined connection between eTailvalet, your business and your customers allowing us to overcome daily delays. 

Best-in-class Support

As eTailvalet was growing, we had to focus on growing an extensive and knowledgeable customer support team to help us stand out from our larger competitors. 


Today, we still rely on our customer support team to ensure you and your customers have a pleasant experience. 

Major Shipping Discounts

At eTailvalet, we receive large shipping discounts which are passed to you and your customers to make sure you receive less shopping cart abandonment, 

Warehouse Productivity

Our software ensures our capability to handle large order volumes while providing quick fulfillment times.


All In-House Scalable Solutions

Returns Management

You can create shipping labels for customers directly in your account and receive an alert when it arrives at our warehouse.

Transparent Billing

You'll see an exact breakdown of costs in the billing portal, so you can budget accordingly. 

Enterprise Grade Security

we take the security of our customer's data extremely seriously, so we took all the necessary measures to protect your date and privacy 

Multiple Warehouses

You'll have the option to ship from our West Coast, Midwest, or East Coast locations, or all three!

Actionable Reports

Each account will have a dashboard to review a breakdown of costs, orders, number of units and where you're shipping to most frequently

Freight Management

We're always available to help import inventory and coordinate freight for you. 

Special Projects

We an execute "special projects" to help you tackle anything outside of the norm. 

Free Integrations

We have plenty of shopping cart and marketplace integrations and set up is always free

User Permission

We'll add users to your account at no extra cost and you'll be able to select the permissions of data that each have access to. 

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